Why You Need to Learn Topspin Today! Part 4 (Final)

How this easy to learn skill will make it easier to learn tennis, give you more confidence in your game, and give you an edge over seasoned players with more experience than you!

In an ideal world tennis is not such a difficult game. Because tennis is so skill based it really deters a lot of people from ever picking up a racquet. However, because of recent changes in the equipment and the way we teach tennis, tennis is more accessible than ever. I am of course referring to the lighter racquets, with larger racquet head sizes making finding the strings way easier, and quick-start balls which slow the game down making it easier for kids and those just starting out to get a hang of this difficult sport.

Lucky for you, aside from these great changes, there is something that you can do that will make tennis far more accessible- Topspin.

Play a real match faster-

Part of the problem with tennis is that you cannot just go out and immediately begin playing. Just to be able to get the ball back and forth over the net takes an incredible amount of skill. But as we have talked about before, topspin gives the user an added margin for error. What this means is that you could hit the ball higher, harder, or closer to the sidelines, and the topspin will drop the ball down quicker keeping the ball inside the boundaries. This means that someone just starting out who is not as in control of their racquet would not be so hindered by their lack of control. Yes you will still need hours and hours of practice to begin playing, but you will certainly have success earlier on which might mean the difference between giving up on this great sport or staying with it for life.

Nothing breeds confidence like success-

You will often hear professional tennis players talk about how their confidence is not there. If you are going through a slump, it is hard to have confidence in your game. Typically what they do when this happens is they enter into some smaller events where they know they will get some wins under their belt. That is because success breeds confidence.

Topspin can have a similar effect on someone who is learning to play. For instance, when hitting with topspin, you can swing faster and not have the ball go too far out. So if you are learning to hit the ball harder, you will have more success earlier on. And because topspin has more margin for error a budding tennis player will get more balls in and feel like they can jump in with more experienced players sooner. This creates a snowball effect where by practicing with better players your skills are forced to catch up quick, and because you can hit the ball harder and not have it go out you will develop weapons faster.

I need an edge and I need it now-

There is a way to increase your consistency without putting topspin on the ball. If you hit the ball flat, you could potentially do the same thing that a spin player does, getting more margin for error, if you were to hit the ball much slower. The unfortunate side effect of hitting much slower is that you will be easy pickings for an experienced player. So you just practiced all those long hours to be able to finally play a real match and you are absolutely no trouble for anyone. You will now need even more practice time to catch up to those more experienced players.

Chances are that if your opponent learned to play many years ago, they are not as proficient in topspin production. So instead if you are learning topspin, you may be able to catch up to them much faster. This is a great confidence booster to know that you have a shot at catching up to those who have been playing for longer. Otherwise, the only other option is to spend an unreasonable amount of time practicing to beat them at their own game.

Combine this with what we talked about in earlier articles, you as a topspin player will have way more weapons and options in comparison to a flat ball player. So now you are in a great position to give those experienced players a real run for their money.

So after 4 articles all about the advantages of topspin, I hope that I have convinced you. But if not, that is fine too, because I hit with tons of topspin, and it will be my pleasure to use all of it’s advantages to full effect when I kick your butt on the tennis court.

Enjoy your topspin, I know I do, and I think that is as good as an ace!


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