Why You Need to Learn Topspin Today! – Part 2

Hit it harder, get it in more often, and aggravate your opponents with this easy to learn skill: PART 2

Last time we talked about all the ways in which topspin could make you a better player. Topspin makes the ball drop faster which will allow you to hit it harder, and/or higher, and have it still go in. This is great news because this will make you a more consistent player but that is not the only benefit to topspin.
One of my favorite parts about topspin is that not only does it make me better, but it also makes my opponent worse at the same time. Here’s how:

The only universal weakness

Because topspin makes the ball drop faster it effects the bounce of the ball in a unique way. If the ball drops faster it will approach the court at a steeper angle than a flat ball or backspin ball. This steeper angle also makes the ball bounce up at a steeper angle. The ball will then bounce up higher which can create havoc for your opponent. No matter who your opponent is, everyone has the same universal weakness; high backhands. If you use topspin to make the ball bounce up higher to your opponents backhand, you can reasonably expect some easier to handle shots to attack or better yet some errors from that difficult to execute location.

No more workin’ man volleys

When I was growing up my coach used to say that a high volley was a workin’ man’s volley, even a workin’ man could make such an easy shot. And as I am sure you have guessed by now topspin can give you an advantage when your opponent is at the net as well. Because topspin can make the ball drop faster, if you aim it low over the net, it will drop down below the net quickly making a difficult volley for your opponent. Even a player with good volleys will not appreciate having to hit too many volleys from below the level of the net as this makes executing a winning volley much more difficult. From below the net they will have to angle up to get it over and in meaning even if they do not miss, they will at least have to hit it softer.

Put on them running shoes

The last big advantage that topspin will give you over your opponent is that you can use it to make your opponent run more. From waist high as a flat ball hitter, if you wanted to hit a good angle that landed inside the service line cross court, you would not be able to hit the ball even 60 mph and make it go in (this barely skimming the ball over the net, so more likely even slower). This makes good angles impractical for a flat ball hitter because they will have to hit them so slow a good player will still be able to get there and attack. Because topspin makes the ball drop you will be able to make your angles drop in inside the sideline even at higher speeds.

Of course this is not only useful for making your opponent run but this will certainly make your passing shots way more effective as well.

So as you can see topspin does have a multitude of advantages. Not only does it make you better, but now it should be obvious that it also makes your opponent worse. And surely all of these reasons would be plenty to make learning topspin incredibly worth it. But there are still more advantages to using a swing that incorporates topspin. Stay tuned for the next article in this series for more! Making my opponent run more instead of me always running, I think that is AS GOOD AS AN ACE!

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