Why You Need to Hit With Topspin Today!

Hit it harder, get it in more often, and aggravate your opponents with this easy to learn skill: PART 1

Why hit with topspin and not flat?

If you haven’t watched a professional tennis match lately, you should check it out. These guys and gals are hitting the ball harder and harder but yet maintaining rallies similar in length to yesteryear. What this means is that the old adage that there is a trade-off between power and spin is dead wrong! It used to be that either you hit the ball with lots of spin which allows you to get it in often, but you will fail to hit the ball very hard, or you hit the ball flat, which allowed you to hit it hard, but you would not be as consistent. Nowadays, players are doing both at the same time and you can reap the rewards of both.

How exactly do I hit with spin?

The first step is to learn how to hit with topspin, and lots of it. A simplified explanation of topspin is that it is a vertical racquet going from low to high when it makes contact with the ball. I also have some how-to videos for learning topspin in my video section of the website if you need some help. When the ball is spinning end over end like this the flight path of the ball is affected and this is where the real benefits of topspin come from.

Bend it like Beckham-

Very similar to a bending shot in soccer, a ball that is spinning will move through the air with a curve. Topspin will curve down into the court. Many people accidentally attribute this to the bernouli effect, it is in fact the magnus effect that causes this curve (So use the MAG-nus effect for MAG-nificent results!). When the ball drops faster due to this curve that helps to keep our hardest shots in the court. It also allows us to hit the ball higher over the net and still get it in.

And the statistics back this up. From knee height a flat ball hitter is limited in how hard they can hit and have it go in (less than 60 mph, and only if the ball barely skims over the net from baseline to baseline, not exactly easy to do). A topspin ball technically has no limits in how hard it can be hit. It is physically possible to hit the ball harder and harder and have it still go in as long as topspin continues to increase (eventually your arm would fall out of its socket from swinging so fast, so technically there is a human limit).

Ever been frustrated by your lack of a weapon? Chances are your lack of topspin has stopped you from getting the most out of your game.

But hitting the ball harder is not the only benefit topspin can afford you. Check back next time for even more benefits of topspin when I bring you part 2 and 3 to this article series.

Until then, hitting the ball harder and not having it go over the back fence for a home run, I think that is AS GOOD AS AN ACE!

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