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Why Roger Federer Should Not Always Come to the Net

Why Federer should not always come to the net Roger Federer Vs. John Isner Paris Masters- 2015 This is the first time that I have written a match analysis, or match review. I do not plan on doing this the way most match analyses are done. For instance, I am not going to break down any particular points that were played, ... More

Why You Need to Learn Topspin Today! Part 4 (Final)

How this easy to learn skill will make it easier to learn tennis, give you more confidence in your game, and give you an edge over seasoned players with more experience than you! In an ideal world tennis is not such a difficult game. Because tennis is so skill based it really deters a lot of people from ever picking up a ... More

Why you need to learn topspin, TODAY! – Part 3

Why you need to learn topspin, today! The nerve fighting and injury prevention components of our favorite spin. So after two parts of this article series you have been able to see that topspin on your ground strokes not only makes you a better player, but can also make your opponent worse. Lucky for us there are even more ... More

A neurological explanation for what you should look at when hitting a tennis ball


Why You Need to Learn Topspin Today! – Part 2

Hit it harder, get it in more often, and aggravate your opponents with this easy to learn skill: PART 2 Last time we talked about all the ways in which topspin could make you a better player. Topspin makes the ball drop faster which will allow you to hit it harder, and/or higher, and have it still go in. This is great news ... More