Jason & BlakeJason Goldman-Petri is a tennis instructor by day and a super hero fighting for the helpless tennis players of the world by night. By day, you can find him working at his job at the fabulous Oakmont Country Club in Corinth, Texas, where it is currently bright and sunny, just like Jason’s disposition. By night, Jason works tirelessly to make sure that tennis players have a place to turn when they do not know what the hell they are doing out on the court.

Jason has trained some of the best and brightest during his 10 year run working for tennis teaching greats Lenny Sheuermann and Thiha Htwar. Jason has also coached at every level, from middle school teams to Stevenson University Men’s and Women’s Programs.

Jason’s educational background includes slacking off at one of the finest institutions of higher learning, The Johns Hopkins University. This is where Jason honed his craft of tennis, and tennis instruction. Hopkins is also where Jason found his other love, his wife Amanda Goldman-Petri. With her help, Jason has been able to bring you this blog as a way to spread the facts about tennis and a few opinions as well just for good measure.

All information contained within shall be deemed the intellectual property of Jason Goldman-Petri and thus is As Good As An Ace. Please feel free to write to the writer of “As Good As An Ace” by e-mail at: jason@asgoodasanace.com. Jason would love to hear from you and will not think you are stupid if you disagree with him.